Dentofacial Beta Program Application

Dentofacial Research Inc. has established a beta testing program to allow a limited number of certified specialists in orthodontics or oral and maxillofacial surgery to test the features and capabilities of Dentofacial Planner™ 9. To apply for participation in the program, please complete and submit the following form. Please note that acceptance is solely at the discretion of Dentofacial Research Inc.

Province or State
Email Address
Specialty Orthodontist
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Affiliation(s) American Board of Orthodontics
American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Angle Society
Tweed Foundation
Other Affiliations
Preferred Environment Windows 7
Windows 8
Mac OS X
Which Dentofacial applications have you used in the past?
Dentofacial Planner
Dentofacial Planner Plus
Dentofacial ShowCase
Which other imaging software system(s) are you using?
What is your current imaging hardware (e.g. digital radiography, CBCT):
Please tell us a bit more about yourself and why you want to return (or switch) to DFP: